Saturday, 28 December 2019

I Will Not Be Moved

My husband Jan and I were in Florida over the Christmas season of 2019 and we were staying with his Aunt Carol and Uncle Malcolm. Malcolm is the Senior Pastor at Calvary Chapel, Merritt Island and Carol speaks at many different Ladies’ Days and Pastor’s Wives Conferences throughout the year.

Carol mentioned to me one evening that she had a conference she was due to speak at in the Spring of the following year and wondered if I might write a poem that was in-keeping with their theme. She said her title was, “I Will Not Be Moved” and that the Scripture they’d be focusing on was Psalm 62.

Thursday, 19 December 2019

If Only You Knew...

One thing that really saddens me in life is to see people fighting against God and hardening their heart towards Him. I’ve had many different conversations with people over the years about Jesus and what grieves me more than anything is to see a lost soul fighting against the One who can save them. I just feel like pleading with them and saying, “If only you knew! If only you knew how amazing He is you wouldn’t fight Him!”

God’s love astounds me on a regular basis and so I felt inspired to write a poem that would try to express these feelings and I gave it the title “If Only You Knew.” Words of course don’t do my Saviour justice. How can you describe the infinite wonders found in Christ with a finite number of words? You can’t but I thought I’d make an attempt at least in the hope that this poem can be used to share Jesus with the lost.

My prayer is that maybe one day, someone might read these words and feel inspired to let go of their preconceptions of Jesus and reach out to the Saviour who loves them beyond measure.

Sunday, 8 December 2019

Happy Birthday Jesus!

I’ve always been a huge fan of Christmas time and the smell of a real fir tree instantly transports me back to the Christmases of my childhood. My Dad would buy us a real tree each year and my sister Ashley and I would spend a joyous evening decorating it with my Mum while Christmas music played in the background. Happy memories indeed.

One particular tradition I distinctly remember in our home on Christmas morning was something my Mum did with us each year. Either Ashley or myself would wake up with excitement in the early hours of the morning, get the other one out of bed and then wake my Mum up. We would make our way down the stairs together where we would find the partition curtains in the middle of the living room closed over, our named Santa sacks patiently waiting on the other side!

Before we were allowed to burst through the curtains to see what gifts we had received, my Mum would always take a couple of minutes to pray with us and thank Jesus for coming to this Earth. Every year she made sure that we acknowledged and remembered the true meaning of Christmas before allowing us to enter into the carefree abandon and joy of present opening!