Monday, 23 September 2019

Trick Or Treat

My poem “Trick Or Treat” wasn’t a poem I came to write easily and I had the idea for it floating around in my head for over a year before I finally found the angle to write it from. My concern was that Halloween is obviously a bit of a touchy subject to approach and I understand that there are hugely varying opinions within the Body Of Christ on whether to even acknowledge this very dark festival or not.

I know of some families who have decided to take nothing to do with it at all while others I know are happy for their children to dress up and go out “Guising” or “Trick or Treating” with their friends. Some let their little ones dress up but only in “non-scary” costumes while others go along to “Light Parties” where they have fancy dress and fun games but the focus is on Jesus and they use it as an opportunity to celebrate the Gospel.

Whatever our personal convictions are on this subject, I hope we can go forth in humility and seek to honour God in all that we do, inspiring others with our love for all people with a desire to reach the lost. We can rest knowing that God is Sovereign as He works in all of our hearts and can use each of our lives for His glory, however varied they might be! My motive for writing this little poem is therefore the same as for all my other poems and I hope that it can glorify Jesus. I felt that I would like to write a poem that could somehow turn this dark event around and use it as a contrast to focus on God’s light and love.

I wrote these verses in one sitting and my prayer is that they can be used to bring the Gospel to children each Halloween. If you’re happy to welcome Trick or Treaters to your door this October 31st then please do feel free to pop this little poem into the pumpkin bucket along with the candy! May God’s light pierce the darkness and reign in people’s hearts everywhere.
Good evening Trick or Treater! I hope you’re having fun!
Let me take a moment to tell you of God’s Son.
I know you look for candy and everything that’s sweet
But I can share God’s love with you and that’s the greatest treat!

You may already know Him for Jesus is His name,
To save us from the darkness is why our Saviour came!
Look upon the lanterns and see the light they bring,
They cut right through the blackest night like Jesus Christ our King!

Although there may be costumes that give you quite a fright,
You needn’t fear or be afraid for Jesus is our Light!
Some things in life are scary and cause us great alarm
But call upon His name and He will keep you safe from harm.

I do not try to trick you! I tell you what is true!
I know that Jesus loves you so will you love Him too?
His guidance and protection will help you from the start,
Just say His name and ask that He would live within your heart.

Though pumpkins glow and flicker with a grimace or a smile,
Treat yourself this Halloween to something more worthwhile.
Jesus is the God of love, in Him you can believe.
Hallowed be the name of God on this All Hallows’ Eve!

John 8:12
“Then Jesus spoke to them again, saying, “I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life.””

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