Saturday, 15 May 2021


Here we have another of what I'm calling my "Pointless Poems" to liven up our day! A humorous little poem written in response to a request from my Father in law.

I explained to him recently that I've been writing short little observational poems on seemingly boring topics and his response was, "Write a poem about showers!"

Behold! My response to his request! Seems only fitting for these hot, Summer days in June. I hope you enjoy this light-hearted little poem today, God bless you.
Showers are essential, a must for every day!
They help to leave you feeling fresh and keep the flies away.
A place to sing your heart out and fill your lungs with steam,
Where every note reverberates and makes you sound a dream!

Ensuring that the bath mat is installed with extra grip,
This safety measure guarantees your wash is anti-slip.
Grab your sponge or loofah, get busy with shampoo,
It only takes two minutes ’til you’re feeling buffed and new!

A swift and speedy remedy to soothe the body’s aches
Or wake your sleepy system! One cold blast is all it takes!
A thorough clean rejuvenates and fills your heart with smiles.
The highlight of your day will be your time between the tiles!

A world of soapy glory where one thing is for certain,
You’ll find yourself revitalised behind that plastic curtain!
Though bath time is a wondrous way to wile away the hours,
You cannot underestimate the joy of taking showers!