Sunday, 16 May 2021


"Scarves" falls into my "Capturing The Moment" category and is another one in response to my own question, "Is there a subject so boring you can't write a poem about it?"

Apparently I had quite a lot to say on the subject of scarves and I hope this humorous poem brings you a smile today whether you're a fellow scarf wearer or not!
Scarves are rather cozy and go well with a coat.
They keep you nice and toasty round your shoulders and your throat.
Scarves are made for winter! At least that’s what they say
But as for us in Britain, we can wear a scarf in May!

Oh yes, the chilly, British wind will give the perfect reason
To make sure that your wardrobe has a scarf for every season!
But this is why the world of scarves can give us cause to smile,
They come so very varied and they’re really versatile!

Standard scarves for every day will warm you without hassle
But then the fancy ones come with a sequin or a tassel!
Silky scarves for dinner dates will make you splash the dosh,
Or maybe one with cashmere if you’re going somewhere posh!

Simply wrap it round the neck or wear it like a cape,
Style it to your choosing with an off the shoulder drape.
Fashioned in a gentle knot will leave you looking catchy,
The only rule with scarves is that they really can’t be scratchy!

An overheating, itchy thing I really can’t abide.
Although I have been known to wear a scarf while I’m inside.
I know an indoor scarf may seem a little overboard
But draughty, winter hallways really cannot be ignored!

A scarf can really liven things if patterns overlap,
Or find a scarf that doubles up and turns into a wrap!
A shawl in every colour will ensure you’re feeling good,
A rainbow for the neckline to co-ordinate with mood!

Yes scarves will always help to keep you looking at your best,
The main thing though is make sure that you cover up that chest!
The swiftest road to illness is to sport a naked neck,
So get a scarf in every shade and keep your health in check!