Tuesday, 26 January 2021

Treasure Trove

One day during a Zoom meeting with other Christian creatives, our discussion began to focus on how powerful the Word of God is and how effective it can be to back up our personal statements in life with the authority of Scripture. The Bible is like the blueprint for our Christian walk, full of guidance and wonderful insights and during the conversation I found myself saying,

“The Word of God is like a treasure trove! It’s so full of wisdom and knowledge, I’m amazed on a daily basis by the richness of it’s contents!”

Later, as I thought of all the different stories, prophecies and truths revealed within the Bible, I began to see in my mind’s eye a glowing, golden chest filled with all sorts of jewels and gems! This imagery soon started to grow in my thoughts and before long I found myself feeling inspired to write my poem, “Treasure Trove.” I pray it can inspire us to get excited for God’s Word, explore the riches found within and ignite a fire in our hearts to study this God-Breathed masterpiece!
Oh how I love the Word of God beyond all earthly measure!
A wonder for the heart and soul, a precious trove of treasure!
Divine in inspiration and founded in the Truth,
It challenges yet profits us in doctrine and reproof!

With timeless wisdom there to find, a gem throughout the ages.
I’m awestruck by it’s power as I pour across the pages!
As relevant as ever, the Scriptures seem to glow
With promises that light my path and help my faith to grow.

The beauty found within the Psalms! Such comfort they can bring,
From deepest woes and heartache to praises for my King!
To hear of how my faithful God can reach the soul in need,
A priceless truth to dwell on and a precious jewel indeed!

Or delving into Genesis and learning of Creation;
A marvel for the mind that fills my heart with admiration!
To journey through man’s history transports me back in time,
With tales of burning bushes and miracles divine!

The gripping plight of Moses and the parting of the sea!
Such lengths to which our God would go to set His people free!
The mighty battles won and lost, the outcry for a Healer.
Brutality that clearly shows the need for our Redeemer!

Kings who ruled and made decrees to gain their own applaud,
Forcing men to praise their name instead of praising God!
Oh yes! The book of Daniel tells a stirring tale of three,
These servants of The Great I Am refused to bow the knee!

Though threatened with a woeful death, they trusted in their Maker.
They praised the name of El Shaddai and honoured their Creator!
They boldly made the claim, “We know our God can pull us through,
But even if He doesn’t, we still won’t bow to you!”

Astounding faith and confidence I simply must admire!
The strength to trust in God alone, to this I now aspire!
Oh how I love the Word of God, it takes my breath away.
I scarce can comprehend the wondrous riches on display!

It speaks of God my Fortress in whom I can abide,
With pearls of wisdom found within the Proverbs, there to guide.
Each truth a golden nugget, each chapter quite a vision,
To read about my Lord and King and learn of His provision!

Or how He takes the broken things and mends them for His glory!
The humble and rejected are the heroes in this story!
Hiding not man’s failings, revealing fault and flaw,
The honour must belong to God and leaves me filled with awe!

Or stories full of romance and real life tales that glisten,
It pulls upon the heartstrings and makes me want to listen.
And then appears a brighter Gem, a Jewel unlike the rest,
It speaks about the Son of God who came to give His best.

A Treasure to be cherished in this story of redemption,
The Rock of Ages showed us love beyond all comprehension.
A Man who turned the tables and broke the chains of sin,
Whose birth declared the coming of the long-awaited King!

The teachings from His ministry really blow my mind,
The beauty of each Gospel is another prize to find!
Each miracle of Christ is like a shining, precious stone
And then there comes the joy to know He reigns upon His Throne!

I sing in exaltation, for Christ achieved His mission
Then sent the Twelve Apostles out to start The Great Commission!
Their task, to take the Gospel to every tribe and nation,
Their bravery and courage show a stunning transformation!

These men who once had fled in fear now lay down life and limb!
Unswerving in their call to turn man’s heart away from sin.
To read of the conversion of the savage tyrant Saul,
Then all that he accomplished as the great Apostle Paul!

The thrilling tales of shipwreck make me fear for his survival
And everywhere Paul went he caused a riot or revival!
Adventures quite spectacular with all that he befell,
He shows us how to run the race and how to finish well.

Oh how I love the Word of God beyond all earthly measure!
It really is a work of art, a precious trove of treasure!
And yet the brightest diamond is the glory yet to come;
The promise of eternal life with Christ, the Risen Son!

This gem, surpassing value brings the soul abundant wealth,
So delve into God’s treasure trove and find Him for yourself!
Adorn your life with Jesus and His power to deliver,
For though the flowers fade away God’s Word will stand forever!

2 Timothy 3:16-17
“All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.”

Isaiah 40:8
“The grass withers, the flower fades, But the word of our God stands forever.”

Psalm 119:105
“Your word is a lamp to my feet
And a light to my path.”

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