Thursday, 28 December 2017

A New Year's Prayer

In December 2017 I was on tour with the show “The Sound Of Music” and performing in Dublin, Ireland over Christmas and New Year. As New Year’s Eve approached I found myself thinking over the year that had just passed and started to wonder what the months ahead would bring.

I’m not one for New Year’s Resolutions but I did find myself thinking about what might be beneficial things to pray for when heading into a new year. I soon began writing a poem that I hope is easily relatable and that can be an encouragement when we look to the unknown future.

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Fifty Years

I wrote this poem especially for my Mother and Father in law to help mark their Golden Wedding Anniversary. My hope is that the poem may be shared and used to bless other godly couples who are also celebrating this wonderful occasion!

Thursday, 24 August 2017

The Silence Of Big Ben

My husband and I live in Westminster, London so we often enjoy walking down by the river Thames. In the summer months we like to take in the continually changing views of the river while sitting near the Houses of Parliament.

Part of this iconic landmark is the Clock Tower, officially named the Elizabeth Tower, home to the Great Bell of the clock which is affectionately known as "Big Ben." This nickname is usually extended to refer to both the clock and the clock tower. Big Ben's quarterly chimes have become famous over the years and he has attracted tourists from across the globe to come and hear his song!

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Love Is...

There are many different opinions about "Love" these days and a countless variety of views on what love should look like. I frequently see things done under the banner of "Love" and yet they often have very little to do with it.

I decided to take a look at what the Bible says about love because this incredible, prophetic Book tells us that God Himself IS love (1 John 4:8) and that "All Scripture is given by inspiration of God…" (2 Timothy 3:16) I felt therefore that if there was one opinion worth listening to about what love is and what it looks like then it would be the opinion of the God who is the very source and embodiment of love!

After reading through some Scriptures I soon found myself feeling inspired to write the poem "Love Is…”

Friday, 30 June 2017

The Race

I was having a conversation one day with a group of people who were a mix of Christians and non Christians. We were discussing the rather sobering subject of sin and judgement and one man's comment really stood out to me. He was looking into Christianity at the time and as he was listening to what others were saying on the topic he spoke up and said, "I totally get that people like Hitler and other murderers deserve judgement, I understand that. I agree that rapists, pedophiles and people who do awful things absolutely deserve to be judged but my issue is when I hear that ordinary people like me are going to be judged too. I don't think I deserve judgement because I'm not a bad person.".

I really appreciated the young man's honesty and felt I could relate to his issue because I remembered saying something very similar myself before I gave my life to Jesus. I began to share an analogy with the group that I hoped would help shed some light on the Biblical view of "good and bad people" and what the standard is for going to Heaven when we die. A couple of months later I felt the Lord putting it on my heart to turn this analogy into a poem and soon found myself writing "The Race."

Monday, 8 May 2017

The Burden Of Waiting

I've been learning over the last few years that some trials are like the seasons we have with the weather and last for a relatively short time. There are other trials however that don't seem to come to a close after what we would class as a "season" and continue to rumble on and on.

When weeks turn into months and months turn into years it can be such a challenge not to become completely disheartened. When family and friends are longing to hear of an improvement in your situation and yet all you have to tell them is that nothing has changed and you’re still just “waiting on the Lord” and trusting in Him, it can be very difficult and frustrating for both sides. For some people years can even turn into decades and they still find themselves praying for their loved one to be saved or for the physical or financial trials to ease.

Of course there are varying kinds of storms that we go through in life and I think it's important to know the difference between a storm of correction and a storm of instruction.

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Twenty Nine Years!

This poem falls into my "Capturing The Moment" category and I'm recording these extra poems during the lockdown time! I wrote it especially for family in America to celebrate their wedding anniversary and recorded it as a surprise for them.

I wanted to focus on some highlights from their marriage such as the arrival of their children and mix it in with their hobbies, likes and personal quirks.

I do love writing personalised poems for people to help them celebrate on their special occasion!

"Twenty Nine Years!"
By Lucy Wall