Sunday, 3 April 2016

Heaven's Splendour

By Lucy Wall

Lucy Wall from Calvary London on Vimeo.

One day I was thinking about some of the descriptions the Bible gives us of what wondrous things await the Christian in Heaven. I was trying to picture how incredible it will be and began to wonder if anything in particular can possibly stand out as the most splendid thing in amidst so much beauty. It was this simple thought that inspired me to start writing "Heaven's Splendour."

My hope for this poem is that it can be a comfort and encouragement to us, especially in the midst of this time full of global unrest, violence and strife. My prayer is that it can just be a wonderful reminder for us as Christians to keep our eyes looking upward, to focus on the eternal picture and know that there are unimaginable wonders awaiting us in Heaven.

To picture waking up in Heaven, mortal flesh redeemed at last!
Glistening streets of gold before me, pain and sorrow in the past.
What wondrous scenes and sights await me? Endless marvels to behold.
Things no earthly eye could fathom, awe no earthly heart could hold.

Stepping into life eternal, drinking in the beauty bright.
In amidst such stunning splendour what will be the finest sight?
Will it be the hosts of Heaven? Angels in their dwelling place!
Seeing mighty Gabriel or fearsome Michael face to face.

Will it be a splendid vision setting eyes on Abraham?
Seeing faithful Job before me, meeting God's most patient man.
Finding I'm among Apostles! Those who wrote the Scriptures true.
Standing with God's loyal servants, what a truly sterling view!

A stirring sight I know awaits me, one to steal my breath away;
Faces from my earthly life whose countenances shine like day.
Loved ones who have gone before me, I will see them once again!
How my heart will overflow to feel their arms embrace my frame.

Oh the blessèd treasures waiting, waiting there for me to see!
Dwelling in my Father's House, in paradise I'll surely be.
Numbered with the many brethren, voices raised in one accord;
Saints from all of history praising Jesus Christ our Lord!

What a task to try and picture multitudes with hands held high,
Witnessing a sea of souls united in their joyful cry!
Singing songs of adoration, sullied not by stains of sin.
Countless monuments of mercy come to worship Christ their King!

Oh to see the seated Saviour radiant upon His Throne,
Surrounded by eternal worship praising Jesus' name alone.
Who could comprehend such beauty? Who could grasp this wondrous sight?
Seeing every soul redeemed now bathing in the Saviour's light!

Yet in the midst of all this splendour, all these precious sights to see
None will be more splendid than the scars my Saviour bears for me.
They'll speak of my unworthiness for Heaven cannot harbour pride;
Payment for my presence there displayed on hands and feet and side.

What love is this? Sing Hallelujah! Blessèd be His mighty name!
Jesus Christ, my soul's Redeemer took my sin and hid my shame!
Proof of love beyond all measure, scars in which I'll boldly boast.
My worth imprinted in His palms, this sight is what I'll value most.

Heaven's only man-made vision saves me from a darker fate.
I would shed tears of gratitude but there are no tears past the Gate.
Instead I'll shout with joyous praise! For all eternity I'll sing,
"Glory, glory! God Almighty! Thou art worthy, Christ my King!"

Oh to see the eyes of Jesus! Oh to hear Him gently say,
"Such is my great love for you I paid to wash your sins away."
How I'll kiss those hands of Jesus! Kiss the scars He bears for me,
With truth to claim forevermore, all Heaven's splendour found in Thee!

Isaiah 49:16
"See, I have inscribed you on the palms of My hands."

1 Corinthians 2:9
"But as it is written: "Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him.""

Psalm 44:8
"In God we boast all day long, And praise Your name forever."

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