Saturday, 1 February 2014

Nothing Compares To Thee

By Lucy Wall

One evening I was feeling particularly wearied by the ongoing trials of life. As I retreated to a quiet room to have some time seeking the Lord through His Word and in prayer, I found myself humbly asking Him, "A word of encouragement Lord, please!”

As I began to study the Scriptures I was reminded that as Christians we are just "passing through" this life and our trials and tribulations are not permanent. As I meditated on this thought I began to think about the wonderful day when I'll get to see Jesus face to face and was thinking about how much I long for this. When it comes to my heart's desire, nothing compares to the thought and the knowledge of this moment. In all honesty, I think waiting for it feels a lot like being homesick at times. My soul longs for my Saviour and for the trials and cares of this world to be a thing of the past.

As I sat there thinking about this I began to write "Nothing Compares To Thee." I think the first verse of this poem clearly reveals the weary place I was in at this point. As I continued to write however, I found myself going through a process with the Lord and my focus and attitude shifted to a much more upbeat and positive one. One of strength, purpose and with a drive for life. As I wrote, the trials began to dim and shrink in size as God ministered to my soul, encouraged my heart and got my focus back onto Him and His purpose for my life.