Thursday, 22 November 2012

Wave Upon The Sand

By Lucy Wall

By Lucy Wall

Lucy Wall from Calvary London on Vimeo.

A singer/song writer friend of mine named Harold sent me an e-mail one day in late 2012 and in his message he said that he'd been having a chat with a neighbour of his the day before. As his neighbour departed to go his way he'd called over his shoulder to my friend and said, "See Harold, there's just too much to do before I die!" Harold told me that he thought his neighbour's words were interesting and that if I could write him a poem in relation to this statement he would like to turn it into a song.

After thinking about his neighbour's comment my thoughts went towards how fast time goes by and how short life is when we look at it with an eternal perspective. When I try to consider eternity (which can be a challenging thing to do considering eternity is infinite and I have a finite mind!) I find myself trying to picture what it would feel like to have spent the earthly equivalent of 500,000 years in Heaven and yet have no less time to go again and again and again!

By comparison our time here on Earth will seem like nothing more than the blink of an eye or the click of a finger. Yet despite life's brevity this is a very important time set by God because this is when we choose where we spend eternity. Talk about big decisions! We have the free-will and responsibility to choose where our souls will go after death and this will also affect how we use our lives here on earth. We know from God's Word that death is not the end for the soul of a person, it's only the end for the body. As 2 Corinthians 5:8 says,

“We are confident, yes, well pleased rather to be absent from the body and to be present with the Lord.”

I think it's very easy for people to be "busy" in life but sometimes we have to ask ourselves, "What am I busy at?" It reminds me of the Bible story in Luke chapter ten with Mary and Martha. Martha was so preoccupied with tasks and being busy that she didn't pay any attention to Jesus whereas Mary's priority was to put herself at the feet of Jesus.

It made me think how it's important in life to find that balance. Yes it's good to be busy but are the areas where we're investing our energy and time the same areas God would have us investing ourselves in? Are we bringing ourselves to the feet of Jesus on a daily basis and asking Him what He would have us do with the life that He has given us? If we're making sure that we're "about our Father's business" then our efforts will not only have an impact in this life but also in the next. It also made me think about how when we serve Jesus and His Kingdom there will always be work to be done while we're here. Sometimes life can make you feel redundant and useless but when we're in the centre of His will then we know there is always a purpose and always something to be done.

I then thought about how doing our best for God and using the resources He gives us doesn't necessarily mean it has to be something huge or impressive. Serving Him is about staying true to the life He's called us to and being sensitive to His Spirit. Making the most of things might mean a preaching ministry across land and sea or it might mean being the best child, sibling, spouse or parent we can be in the very home we already live in! The fruit will be in whatever we've been faithful to.

After thinking about these things I couldn't believe the ripple effect just one line had had in my mind. These were the thoughts that inspired me to write "Wave Upon The Sand" and thankfully Harold loved it!

My hope and prayer for this poem is that it can be an encouragement for us all to dedicate our lives to the Lord and to just commit whatever time we have on this Earth to serving the God who created us.

A breath, a wisp, a heartbeat. A vapour in His hand.
My life is but a moment like a wave upon the sand.
Compared with all eternity my days are just a few
And yet within this time there is so much for me to do.

Discovering in life both joy and sorrow I must face
And learning of the love of Christ and His amazing grace.
Among life's many lessons most important of them all
Is learning I must turn from sin and heed my Saviour's call.

For time is of the essence, I must know with certainty,
I must decide where I will dwell for all eternity.
For though the body wastes away the soul continues on
And what I do with Jesus will decide where I belong.

Will I be accepting of the God who came as Man?
Will I let Him change my heart or stay the way I am?
Will I embrace the Gospel and the truth of my Creator?
Will I use my life to serve myself or serve my Maker?

The weight of this decision is really quite profound!
With "forever" in the balance there's no time to mess around.
It's tempting to procrastinate but now the days are fleeting!
My choices must be made in life and while my heart is beating.

And so I choose my Saviour and give Him the control.
I dedicate my life to God, the one who formed my soul.
Accepting that Christ died for me and saved me from despair,
I know I'll spend forever in the safety of His care.

So now that I belong to God please use me Lord I pray,
I ask You keep me focused and attentive to Your way.
Please keep me from distractions that compete for my attention,
To make the most of every day must be my heart's intention.

For every one's a precious gift that's given by the Son,
How much I must appreciate and utilise each one!
For often it's too easy to be "busy" all the time
But energy is best applied to purposes divine.

Help me to prioritise before it is too late,
Let any impact I may have be with eternal weight.
Each moment that I live on earth adds layers to my story,
May every choice I make in life be made for Jesus' glory.

For You have washed away my sins and cleared away my debts.
I know my heart may plan my path but You direct my steps.
I trust Your sovereign will for me, it's always what is best
And this is where I find my peace and where my soul finds rest.

Although the devil tries to make me feel like I am worthless
Now called to serve the Church of Christ each day of mine has purpose.
Whatever be my calling and whatever I may do,
I pray I stay within Your will and live my life for You.

For everything there is a time and all will have it's season,
Each purpose under Heaven has Your wise and godly reason.
Who knows the journey I will face while following Your plan.
Perhaps I'll cross the sea or stay exactly where I am.

Considering the many ways in which I might serve You
My ministry is in whatever life You've called me to.
Whatever be assigned to me, whatever be the loss,
May I always share the Gospel and the message of Your Cross.

Fill me with compassion for the ones whose souls still thirst,
Let this motivate my spirit, help me always put You first.
So whether tasks be great or small, Lord set my heart on fire
And let my light shine brightly by fulfilling Your desire.

A breath, a wisp, a heartbeat. A vapour in Your hand.
My life is but a moment like a wave upon the sand.
So whether I have years or just one day 'til I see You,
I thank You Lord for blessing me with still so much to do.

Ephesians 5:15-16

"See then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise, redeeming the time, because the days are evil."
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