Saturday, 21 April 2012

Ten Little Ducklings

This poem is part of my “Capturing The Moment” section on this website and as with my poem called “Those Beady Eyes,” it was written during a trip to Florida in 2012.

As I sat by the pool one day on our holiday, I noticed a mother duck coming across the water with her ten babies in tow. I thought, “My goodness! What a grand day out!”

Before long I found myself writing “Ten Little Ducklings” and I hope it can bring some happy images to children and adults alike!

Ten little ducklings I can see.
Count them swimming…one, two, three!

Ten little ducklings all in a row,
Paddling quickly to and fro.

Ten little ducklings swim with mum,
Following behind her one by one.

Ten little ducklings come to a stop,
Climb out the water…hop, hop, hop!

Ten little ducklings staying on track.
Calling out loudly…quack, quack, quack!

Ten little ducklings waddling about.
Time to go home. What a grand day out!