Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Those Beady Eyes

This poem is part of my “Capturing The Moment” section on this website! These are various different poems which I’ve written over the years and are non-faith based writings. Often they’re observational or have been written for a specific occasion such as a Birthday or Anniversary. I hope these poems can bring you a smile and some colour to your day!

I felt inspired to write “Those Beady Eyes” when I was visiting family in Florida in 2012. One of the native creatures to Florida is of course the alligator and I was fascinated to discover we had one living in the lake right outside the house we were staying in! During a particularly heavy monsoon one afternoon, I watched as our toothy friend devoured a large fish he’d just caught before sinking under the water, hiding every part of himself except his beady little eyeballs which stayed just above the surface.

As I stood there looking at the tiny bumps on the water, I was amazed by the fact that these little blips gave no suggestion of the dangerous eating machine that lay just beneath! I thought to myself, “How sneaky! If I hadn’t just watched that huge reptile disappear under the water I would never even know he was there!”

It was this simple observation that inspired me to start writing my poem dedicated to my sneaky, agile friend. My nephews were both very small at the time so I decided to write it with them in mind as my target audience. I hope this little poem can be enjoyed by people of all ages though and bring a toothy smile to the reader too!

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Ten Little Ducklings

This poem is part of my “Capturing The Moment” section on this website and as with my poem called “Those Beady Eyes,” it was written during a trip to Florida in 2012.

As I sat by the pool one day on our holiday, I noticed a mother duck coming across the water with her ten babies in tow. I thought, “My goodness! What a grand day out!”

Before long I found myself writing “Ten Little Ducklings” and I hope it can bring some happy images to children and adults alike!