Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentine's Day

By Lucy Wall

I have to thank several FaceBook statuses on Valentine's Day 2012 for my inspiration for the first few verses of this poem. I was truly fascinated as I witnessed the different reactions to this man-made day, a day when romance and confessions of love apparently must rush into our lives! It seems that this has the potential to really affect our emotions and self esteem depending on where we feel we stand with our "love-life” status!

The stimulus was the same but the reactions were varied. I witnessed certain couples exuberantly gush about their Valentine's Day plans and gifts to the envy of everyone else on FaceBook. In contrast I noticed many singletons either drew attention to their status by cracking a self deprecating joke or else posted a heart-broken message that suggested they would be wallowing in self-pity all evening. It seemed that some people felt unable to face the apparent ”humiliation" of being single on Valentine's Day! What pressure this day brings!