Friday, 4 February 2011

The Enemy

By Lucy Wall

I wrote ”The Enemy ” because there seems to be quite a common opinion these days that God is the enemy of mankind and of Planet Earth. I often hear news reporters describing hurricanes and natural disasters as ”Acts of God. ” I find myself wondering why it’s considered an act of God. I don ’t hear reports thanking Him for the many sunny days we get throughout the year so why is it only the bad weather that God gets the credit for?

In this world where society denies the existence of God so often, it ’s suddenly acceptable for God to exist but only for the sole purpose that we can blame Him for something! This never sits very well with me and I find myself wanting to ask the question, “ Why do you think God would want to bring such destruction and suffering on the very world that He created? ”

To believe that God is ”the enemy ” is to believe in a lie from the devil. I think that Satan wants us to think that God is our enemy to keep us from discovering our loving, forgiving Saviour and to prevent us from receiving our salvation.

It ’s very clear to see that this world is descending more and more rapidly into utter chaos and unrest just as the Bible always said it would. The Bible also says that Jesus is coming back and will bring an end to pain and suffering once and for all but that promise brings some questions for each and every person. Questions such as, where do I stand with Jesus? Where do I personally stand with God? Do I consider Him my friend or do I think of Him as my enemy? Have I made Him my enemy either by blaming Him for the problems of the world or by just downright refusing to believe in His existence? Will the day that He returns be the best day of my life or the worst day I’ve ever had?   The outcome of that day will be the result of who we have spent our lives believing to be ”the enemy.”

I really want to encourage people in these uncertain and frightening times not to blame God for all the problems in the world and not to see them as an excuse to point the finger and feel like we have a right to be angry with Him. Rather, let these circumstances be the very reason we get on our knees before Him and ask for forgiveness. We need to make sure we know when that day comes and Jesus returns to this Earth to claim His bride, we ’re on the right side and we know exactly where we stand with Jesus. May we feel the safety, security and peace of mind knowing that we stand with Him!

God is not the enemy. God is not to blame.
When anger burns within your soul don't curse my Saviour's name
For He is not the one who causes raging wars and strife.
He's not the one responsible for heartache in your life.

It's clear to see this life is filled with suffering and pain
But please do not be quick to say that God's the one to blame.
So often I hear blasphemies when things don't go our way
But tell me, do you thank the Lord for blessings in your day?

We don't acknowledge God when taking credit for success
But then we feel a right to wrath if life gives any less!
Indignantly we shout at God as if He owes us more,
The God we didn't talk to or want to know before.

Or when we see injustices through television screens,
In disbelief we look to God to vent frustrated screams.
Imploring Him as if He really needs us to advise
But nothing happens on this earth that can evade His eyes.

For God created Planet Earth and said "Let there be light!"
He put the sun and moon in place to give us day and night.
He filled the earth abundantly with animals and food,
He looked at all He'd made and He declared that it was good.

So why would God find any joy destroying His creation?
To see what it's become must be a source of great frustration.
Instead of dwelling peacefully where harmony is found,
We battle to exist where sin and wickedness abound.

It's like a stained-glass window full of beauty and design
That then becomes the victim of a wicked, evil crime.
It's like a hateful vandal throwing rubble, rocks and sticks.
So who should we be angry with? The one who's throwing bricks!

So let's reveal the one to blame, it’s time to name and shame him!
"Prince of the air,” “the father of lies,” also known as Satan.
He's the one responsible for this dark world of sin
But also sharing in the blame is man's rebellion.

We disobeyed and ate the fruit, betrayed the human race.
Dominion went to Satan and now he reigns in our place.
You only have to watch the news and hear of troubles there
To see, no need for horror films, we're living a nightmare!

Cancer, aids and pestilence, murder, rape and death.
Illnesses that steal young life, replaced by dying breath.
Famines, floods and hurricanes, a natural disaster;
Destroying human life, at this the devil is a master.

A myriad of ways to try and ruin God's creation.
His actions fuelled by hatred seek to wipe out every nation.
The greatest trick of all of course, a lie been told before.
Convince mankind to kill himself, disguised as "Holy War."

Yes those who say they "fight for God" while shooting people dead
Are blinded by the enemy and fight for him instead.
But God predicted all these things and said they would be signs.
Like falling leaves in autumn, it's the coming of "End Times."

So many sorrows we will see, of this there is no doubt.
The devil knows his reign is short, his time is running out.
For Jesus Christ will come again and bring an end to pain.
Each day we long a little more for Christ's eternal reign.

Behold He's coming quickly for His promises are true!
And when He comes the final time how will Christ find you?
Will you be on your knees in prayer or giving Him your praise?
Perhaps He'll find a faithful servant living out their days.

Will Jesus find you deep in sorrow, trusting more in Him?
Or find a thankful heart for all the blessings pouring in?
When Christ returns, will it be a moment full of strife
Or the moment you've been waiting for with ernest all your life?

Will you be found rejecting God and living for yourself
With hedonistic motives, craving worldly goods and wealth?
Will Jesus find your name inscribed on His eternal list
Or did you live your life to curse His name and shake your fist?

The sides are "Good and Evil, God and Satan, peace and strife"
And each of us must choose who we will live to serve in life.
The devil will convince you that it's you who's in control
But understand it's warfare, there's a battle for your soul.

Please don't believe in Satan's lies, there's far too much at stake.
Don't think that God is powerless for that's a huge mistake.
So when we see deep suffering and cruelty at it's worst,
Remember there's no pain we feel that Christ did not know first.

God is not the enemy. God is not to blame.
When troubles seem to get too much don't curse my Saviour's name.
He had every right to leave us in our self inflicted mess,
We forfeited our bond with God, the cause of our distress.

But even though we disowned God and turned our backs on Him,
Our humble Saviour loved us still and paid the price for sin.
He dwells up in the Heavens where our access was denied
So if God was the enemy then Jesus wouldn't have died!

He never would have come to Earth to show the Father's love,
Revealing His desire for our fellowship above.
So no one can accuse Him of abandoning mankind
For Jesus died for us and greater love you will not find.

Don't pit yourself against Him, it's a foolish thing to do
For when life gets too much He'll give you strength to see you through.
He's worthy to be trusted and to know God as your friend,
You’ll see we're in His hands as this world's coming to it's end.

God is not the enemy. God is not to blame.
When Satan fills your head with lies don't curse your Saviour's name.
Find peace and comfort in God's strength, with Him you will stand firm.
May faith in Christ unite us as we wait for His return.

John 3:16-17

"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved ."

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