Wednesday, 17 November 2010

As Long As I Live

By Lucy Wall

One day I was reading through Psalm 104 and when I came to verse 33, it really jumped out at me.
It read:

“I will sing to the Lord as long as I live;
I will sing praise to my God while I have my being.”

I thought this was a beautiful Scripture and I felt that the rhythm and sentiment of the verse lent itself perfectly well for a poem! Within a matter of seconds I found myself writing “As Long As I Live.”

As long as I live I will sing the name Jesus.
While I still have my being I'll offer Him praise.
May my soul's meditation be sweet in His presence
And my spirit be glad in the Lord all my days.

As long as I live may I do of His pleasure
And keep His commandments with reverence and fear.
May I always consider the Lord who is awesome.
The One to be worshipped, the One to revere.

He appointed the moon and declared different seasons,
Created the hills and put oceans in place.
He stamped His existence through all His dominion,
That man would cry out, evermore seek His face.

May I pause to consider the hands that have made me.
The eyes that could see the frame still yet to come.
For deep in the earth my Lord skillfully wrought me.
With days that were fashioned when yet there were none.

As long as I live let my heart call upon Him,
Make known to the peoples His deeds great and small.
May I speak of His wonders, His works strong and mighty.
He is Lord of creation and Lord over all.

As long as I live I shall speak of His goodness.
If He bless me with riches or take them away.
For I know in His Son I am clean and accepted.
Escaping His wrath when I face Judgment Day.

May I always remember the day at Golgotha.
The place of the skull and the sufferings of Christ.
The curtain was torn and the pearly gates opened.
Thanks to the love of the Lamb sacrificed.

As long as I live I will speak of His mercy.
Let me always remember He saved me by grace.
May I live with the knowledge and joy that in heaven
My soul will be greeted by Christ's warm embrace.

I will contemplate how He removed my transgressions.
He took them as far as the east is from west.
Praise God O my soul and find peace in the promise,
That Jesus is sovereign and always knows best.

For my life is a vapor so swift and so fleeting.
The passing of time acts as proof to confirm
My days have been numbered and though my heart's beating,
From dust I was made and to dust I'll return.

Give thanks to the Lord for His statutes and counsel.
For wisdom and knowledge belong in His palm.
To know that His judgments are righteous and holy,
My lips sing with praises, my heart with a psalm.

As long as I live I will seek His approval
And thank the Lord daily for covering my sin.
For God has established His Throne in the heavens.
Forgiveness and mercy lie solely with Him.

Each day of my life may I share His communion;
For God knows me better than I know myself.
Such knowledge so high that I cannot attain it!
His fellowship means so much more than great wealth.

With every new dawn may I seek strength from Jesus;
Find comfort and solace when trials are rife.
Dominion and power belong to my Saviour.
Alone He's the fortress and rock of my life.

As long as I live I will speak of one Saviour.
I'll testify only to one sovereign King.
No God was before Him nor shall there be after.
Salvation belongs to those under His wing.

Each day that I live may I give thanks to Jesus
For blessings so cherished, too many to count.
For family and friends and for treasure in heaven.
For riches He's added against my account.

As long as I live may I give God the glory,
The service and honour and praise He is due.
Without Him I'm nothing for He who is holy,
Deserves my heart's worship in all that I do.

As long as I live may l write of my Saviour.
My time and my efforts to Him I will give.
I'll share with the world, the one true Creator.
I will serve the Lord Jesus, as long as I live.

Psalm 119:112

"I have inclined my heart to perform Your statutes
Forever, to the very end."

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