Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Precious Little Bundle

By Lucy Wall

I’ve been blessed with two beautiful nephews and two wonderful nieces in my life and since the birth of the first ones in 2008 I’ve been discovering the joy that children can bring into a family. I wrote this poem especially for my oldest nephew when he was still a baby and read it at his dedication. My inspiration came from a heart of gratitude to God for blessing my family with such a wonderful gift. My nephew is certainly much bigger now but I still love to smother him in kisses and I’ll always remember the days when he was just a precious little bundle!

Oh precious little bundle, oh treasured baby boy
You've captivated every heart and filled our lives with joy.
A gift from Christ our Saviour, our gentle Lord above
Delivered you into our keep to cherish and to love.

Born within the thoughts of Christ and made with Godly skill,
His mighty hands prepared you for His good and perfect will.
For you were knit together by the hands that formed the Earth!
He looked on us with favour and He blessed us with your birth.

Mirroring His image as He formed a new creation,
We catch a glimpse within your eyes of God's imagination!
Determining your character while sitting on His Throne,
His fingers formed your body in the secret place unknown.

Surrounding Him, the watchful eyes of Cherubim arose,
Admiring the craftsmanship of perfect baby toes!
The Author of all life at work! Behold, a sight to see!
We praise the Lord and bless the day that your life came to be.

For now He's placed you in our care to raise you in His ways
And teach you how to look to Him and trust Him all your days.
Appointing us with stewardship to guide you in your youth,
Endow you with the love of Christ and point you to the truth.

As we commit your life to God, protect him Lord we pray.
We dedicate this child to You and ask You bless the day.
This little one belongs to You, You've mapped out his life's plan.
Please mould his heart and help him grow into a godly man.

We ask for wisdom Dearest Lord, for we must teach and guide.
We pray that in Your grace and truth he always will abide.
That he would seek to know You more with every passing year
And walk according to Your Word with reverence and with fear.

Please guide his steps and lead him through the times of woe and strife.
We pray he'll choose the King of kings, the One who gave him life!
Our dreams and aspirations for him grow with each day new,
Whatever he desires Lord, may he delight in You.

Please fill him with Your Spirit, with Your presence soft and meek.
May mighty things be done through Your creation so unique.
Father give him knowledge, make him spiritually astute,
A heart filled with compassion and a life that bears much fruit.

Although to us this little one may be a new addition,
You knew his name before You even laid the Earth's foundation!
Though we dream dreams, have wondrous thoughts and plans for him to do,
No one has a greater plan than one ordained by You.

So as we give him back to You, we glorify Your name.
You've blessed our hearts and now our lives will never be the same.
Oh precious little bundle, oh treasured baby boy.
May love for Jesus guide your heart and fill your life with joy!

Proverbs 22:6
"Train up a child in the way he should go,
And when he is old he will not depart from it."

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