Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Eyes On You

I’m sure many people can relate to me when I say there are seasons in life when you feel like you ’re going through trial after trial after trial. I’ve heard my Pastor say that as a Christian we’re generally either going through a trial, coming out of one or just about to go into one! Not the most encouraging thought but probably very accurate! I often find myself thinking, “Thank goodness I have Jesus to help me!”

There are of course wonderful times of peace and rest but I was learning that it’s when you’re going through fiery trials that it ’s more important than ever to fix your eyes on Jesus. As a young, single woman living in London at the time of writing this poem I was incredibly grateful to find that I could rely on God to be my comfort and my strength in all situations. He really taught me a lot about turning to Him with my troubles and watching Him work through my circumstances.

Jesus also really showed me through this time that He will always provide what I need just as He promises in His Word and I discovered a close fellowship with my Saviour that I hadn’t known before. I experienced first hand that unlike “happiness” which can be so fickle and fleeting, the joy of the Lord doesn’t evaporate when things get tough. On the contrary. It’s when situations are difficult that we can feel the joy and peace Christ brings to our hearts all the more, we just have to keep our eyes on Him!

Oh Father help me look to You, don't let me go astray.
Don't let me look at worldly things and go my worldly way.
I dared to think the storm had stilled, the waves had washed ashore
But now I feel the endless trials come crashing back for more.

They buffet me from every side, they bruise and burden me.
They beat me to a bloody pulp and pound relentlessly.
I re-gain my composure just to feel another blow
As fiery darts come sailing in from Satan's fiery bow.

Oh Father I am terrified, I thought I'd passed the test.
I thought I'd steered through waters rough and found a place of rest
But now the troubles carry on, the night descends anew.
Dear Abba, help me once again to fix my eyes on You.

I do not understand why I must ride this wave again,
I only know to look to You, my Saviour and my friend.
I cling to You with desperate grip and hang tenaciously.
I beg of You O' Sovereign Lord to fare this storm with me.

l cannot seem to gain control, I tumble round and round.
I wonder when the tide will change and bring me solid ground.
I feel my strength depart as yet again I take a knock
But then resolve to look to You, my Lighthouse on the rock.

You silence noise inside my mind, You still my troubled heart.
Without You in the centre my whole life would fall apart.
You keep me held together like the strongest super-glue,
Please wash away my every fear and keep my eyes on You!

You soothe my sorrow like a balm and rinse away my pain.
Though salty tears may streak my face I smile and say Your name.
Your comfort is beyond compare, beyond all worldly things.
I do not serve a man-made god, I serve the King of kings!

Your thoughts of me out-number every tiny grain of sand.
My finite mind can fathom not nor ever understand
How much You deeply care for me and know what's good and right
For I am numbered with the saints, in whom is Your delight!

Whenever I am filled with doubt or start to loose my nerve
It's good that I re-call exactly who it is I serve!
Considering Your Heavens and the stars which You ordained,
What is man that each of us by You are loved and named?

Create in me the purest heart and purge my sins I pray.
Please lead me down Your path O Lord, the Everlasting Way.
So like the smoothest pebble lying on the salty shore,
The waves of tribulation make me smoother than before.

You take Your holy microscope, examining each part,
Refining every jagged edge and corner of my heart.
Exposing every darkened place I didn't know was there,
My hidden ways are drenched in light and all because You care.

I know these tests are not to punish or discourage me
But only when the water's hot can I then truly see
What wicked ways are lurking in this fallen heart of mine.
So in the midst of sorrow I cry "Not my will but Thine!"

Your ways are so efficient, every sin is sliced and diced.
You purge and purify my soul and make me more like Christ
For even though You slay me Lord, I still will hope in You.
Your mercies mean I'm not consumed, Your promises are true.

It's good that I should seek You, Your compassions never fail
And with Your strength I know I can embrace this and prevail.
Though weeping may consume the night, the devil can't destroy
The peace I have in knowing that the morning brings new joy.

My ever faithful, loving God, Thy Word does light my path.
I meditate and feel Your peace within this aftermath.
Your Godly eyes are fixed on me, You always see me through.
How wonderful I feel now that I've fixed my eyes on You!

My heart is now surrendered and submitted to Your will,
Sovereignty belongs to You and brings us closer still.
I realise with thoughts of You, I re-gain my aplomb.
As joy comes flooding from my heart my peace comes sailing home.

Lamentations 3:22-26

"Through the Lord's mercies we are not consumed, because His compassions fail not. They are new every morning; great is Your faithfulness. "The Lord is my portion," says my soul, "Therefore I hope in Him!" The Lord is good to those who wait for Him, to the soul who seeks Him. It is good that one should hope and wait quietly for the salvation of the Lord."