Tuesday, 22 February 2022

Lament Over A Broken Mug

I'm sure many people will be able to relate to the woe of breaking a favourite item, in this case, it was my favourite mug for drinking tea!

Tea drinking is very serious business here in Britain and the vessel it comes in can make or break the experience! (Pun Intended.)

I've discovered it can be a varied topic though. I know some people are happy to drink tea no matter what it comes in! Big mug, small cup, standard bucket, old shoe etc. For most people however and certainly for me, there's a favourite cup to be had that heightens the enjoyment of the experience!

As the title would suggest, my favourite mug was broken recently. I hope these words can at least bring a smile from what was otherwise a very tragic event!
Oh, what tragic happenings and undesired drama!
This day has taken quite a turn and brought it’s own palava!
A tale of misadventure, misfortune and mishap,
A crockery calamity that’s got me in a flap!

I thought I had more space to move, my gauge was inexact.
A moment of misjudgement, now my favourite mug is cracked!
Clinked against the wall in haste, I thought you might be fine
But now I stand here wishing I could just turn back the time!

If I had known the outcome, I’d have seen my course adjusted
But now your handle’s broken and you simply can’t be trusted.
For even if I glued you and made you whole again,
I’d fear that our relationship would meet a scalding end!

Oh how I loved you, little mug, it filled my heart with glee
To see you full and brimming with a steaming brew for me!
You met all my criteria, you surely measured up.
Your pretty face and sleek design made you my favourite cup!

Made of fine bone china, each drink with you a treat,
Superior to chunky mugs who only steal the heat!
Not too big and hefty, your slender form was nimble
But not so small I felt like I was drinking out a thimble!

You really were the ideal size and gave the perfect measure.
Your declaration, “Time For Tea!” would always bring me pleasure.
I loved your versatility and all the joy you gave,
Friend of both the dishwasher and also microwave.

A pleasing mix of yellow with a gentle fade to pink,
You greeted me each morning with a knowing smile and wink!
Purchased on a jolly trip while in the Isle of Skye,
You always were my mug of choice and apple of my eye.

This storm within a teacup, may give cause for mockery
But now the search begins, to find new favourite crockery!
I’ll scour all the high street stores and every shop online,
I’ll vigorously hunt to find the special cup that’s mine!

“My mug” will not be cumbersome or take up too much space,
The kind that when you take a drink, it swallows half your face!
They’re always made like pottery, one drop away from breaking.
Each sip feels like you’re lifting weights and leaves your biceps shaking.

No, “my mug” will be more polite, it won’t make such demands.
A cup that won’t require that I lift it with both hands.
But silly, tiny teacups I’ll also have to skip.
It can’t be mostly empty after barely half a sip!

I’ll know it when I see it. I’ll hear it shout, “Pick me!
For I’m the perfect size and shape to hold your perfect tea!
I’m delicate but sturdy. I’m dainty, quaint and pretty.
I’m sure to meet your tea-time needs each day in London city!”

I’ll take good care of my new mug, avoiding further scandal.
Another dish disaster, oh I simply cannot handle!
So off I go to find the mug who’ll fit in to a tee,
Then we’ll celebrate together with a splendid cup of tea!