Saturday, 27 June 2020

I Am Yours

One rainy Saturday afternoon in June 2020 I was feeling rather sluggish and demotivated so decided to watch the first episode of the series called “The Chosen.” Directed and co-written by American filmmaker Dallas Jenkins, the series is a portrayal of the ministry of Jesus Christ and I’d heard many positive comments about the programme.

The first episode focuses heavily on the character of Mary Magdalene, known as “Lilith” in the red district where she works as a prostitute. Her use of the name “Lilith” doesn’t appear in the Bible of course but perhaps it can come under the banner of “Artistic Licence” to serve the purposes of the show and the later revelation of who she really is.

Whatever the writer’s reason was for this choice, the character of Mary has gone through many horrendous tragedies in her life and is tormented by the presence of several demons living within her. Her story is one of great despair, pain, sadness and suffering so when Jesus makes His first appearance in the programme and comes to her in the last scene of the episode, it’s an extremely moving moment indeed.

Shaken by the presence of Jesus and unknowing of who He is, Mary makes a hasty departure and tries to get away from Him. As the scene unfolds we see a very distressed Mary walking away as Jesus gently but determinedly pursues her. Probably being well used to men pursuing her, Mary tells Jesus to leave her alone. This is the moment we hear Jesus call out to her but He doesn’t use the name “Lilith” which she is known by in the town. Instead Jesus uses her real name and calls out, “Mary! Mary of Magdala.”

At the sound of her true name Mary stops dead in her tracks, stunned and confused as to how this Man knows who she really is. She turns and asks Him, “Who are You? How do You know my name?” Jesus replies with the words from Isaiah 43:1 as He says,

“Thus says the Lord, who created you,
And He who formed you:
‘Fear not, for I have redeemed you;
I have called you by name;
You are Mine.’”

At these words Mary is completely overcome and falls into the loving arms of her Creator. It’s a truly beautiful moment and one that had me watching with tears rolling down my face!

As I sat there looking out the window at the rain and thinking about the amazing scene I had just watched, I replayed the words of Jesus in my mind. I thought of the moment when He had lovingly pursued Mary, called her by name and declared, “You are Mine.” I then went on to think about how Jesus had called me by name many years before and declared exactly the same to me. As I pictured my Saviour saying those words to me, I immediately heard my heart respond in confirmation, “I am Yours.”

Although my journey to salvation was a very different one to Mary Magdalene’s, I could relate to the joy and gratitude she felt at hearing those words from her Redeemer. In a way, every Christian is a living testament to the words in Isaiah 43. Jesus pursued each of us, called us by name and declared to our heart, “You are Mine.”

As the rain continued to fall outside on that drizzly Saturday afternoon, I soon found myself feeling inspired to write my poem, “I Am Yours.”

No other could pursue me and hold me like You do.
No other voice could call my name and call my spirit too.
No other love could win my heart with power to restore.
I am Yours my True Creator, now and evermore.

No other grace could cover me and cleanse me from my sin.
No one could enrapture me and change me from within.
You filled my soul with wonder like no one could before.
I am Yours my Gentle Father, now and evermore.

No other could have faced the Cross to give me second birth.
No other “god” could give His life to prove how much I’m worth.
There is no sweeter name to me that makes my spirit soar.
I am Yours my Great Redeemer, now and evermore.

No other could have called me to such willing captivation.
Your mercy filled my heart with joy and endless admiration.
Your goodness is astounding, a marvel to explore.
I am Yours my Lord and Maker, now and evermore.

No other could have chosen me in spite of all my ways.
Forgiveness now inspires me to give eternal praise!
No other will I worship for it’s Jesus I adore.
I am Yours my Precious Saviour, now and evermore.

Song Of Solomon 2:16
“My beloved is mine, and I am his.”

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