Monday, 1 August 2011

The Night Cat

My inspiration for this poem came from something my oldest nephew said when he was just a little boy. Ashley, my sister explained to me that a few days earlier, she had been in the kitchen with my nephew and he was gazing out of the window while chatting away to her.

He suddenly exclaimed to his Mum, “Look Mummy! It’s a night cat!” Ashley looked out the window to see one of the neighbour’s cats strolling around and sniffing his way through the garden. She went on to say, “Oh yes, so it is! But why is it a night cat?” My nephew replied, “Because it’s black, like the night!”

I laughed at this really sweet observation from his young mind and said to my sister, “That sounds like the title of a poem to me!” Before long, I found myself writing a poem especially for my nephew called, “The Night Cat.” The original version references him specifically but I’ve adapted it so that it can be enjoyed by other little ones too!
Each evening at sunset as light leaves the sky,
The moon and the stars take their places up high.
When children are sleeping and dreaming of sweets,
Out of the shadows a little friend creeps.

He's tricky to spot though! He's slinky and quick!
His ears start to twitch as his tail gives a flick.
His fur, soft as velvet, goes down to his paws
And when he goes climbing he uses his claws.

His teeth, sharp and pointy are pearly and white.
So who can we just about see in the night?
Green eyes in the darkness! My goodness, who's that?!
I know who it is! Why it's the Night Cat!

Well hello dear Night Cat, where have you been?
Please tell us some stories of things you have seen.
Of places you've been to and what you have done.
A cool cat like you must have hours of fun!

"Oh yes!" whispers Night Cat. I've been up and down.
I've wandered around and gone all over town!
I've been on adventures exciting and rare.
I've visited places no feline should dare!

I went to the lake and saw great big white geese.
I spoke to a sheep who had grown a new fleece.
I went to the play-park and played on the swings.
I climbed up a tree and saw marvellous things!

A bluebird was sitting and guarding her nest.
She said she liked blue as it suited her best.
Then I met up with Ginger and played with a ball.
We walked on a fence that was seven feet tall!

And then I decided on where next to go.
It's one of my favourites, a place you might know!
I played in the sand-pit and rolled on the grass.
I ran up and down and went terribly fast!

I sniffed at the flowers, said hi to a bug.
I followed the trail of a slippery slug.
I played in a puddle (which I always like.)
I sat in the saddle of a little one's bike!

I dug in some soil and sat on the bin
And declared "Of this garden, I pronounce myself king!"
You know of this garden, of this I am sure.
The garden I play in, my goodness, it's yours!

Oh yes it's my favourite! The one I like best.
I do love your garden, it beats all the rest!
But after I'd been there and had lots of fun,
I saw little flickers of light from the sun.

I knew day was coming as I gave a big yawn.
I stretched out my legs one last time on the lawn
And as the night sky turned a yellowy-red,
I knew it was time to go home to my bed.

A night of adventures! Now how about that?
But then after all, I am the Night Cat.
And when I go home, all day long I will dream
Of the wonderful creatures and things I have seen.

I'll curl in a ball with the sun on my back,
I'll be nice and cozy with fur soft and black.
Thank you for listening, my curious friend,
I'll have new adventures when night comes again!"