Wednesday, 29 April 2020

April's Prayer To The God Of My Life-Jehovah Raah

By God's grace we're at the end of another month in 2020! A year to be remembered it seems. I'm so grateful to have Jesus, my Shepherd leading the way and guiding me through this uncertain season. I hope this month's little verse can uplift the soul as we focus on the name Jehovah Raah.

Monday, 13 April 2020

The Names Of God- Jehovah Raah.

Each month throughout 2020 I'm posting a little rhyming couplet that looks at one or two of the names of God and their meanings. My hope is that they can be an easy way to help memorise just some of the many different names of God! The name for the month of April is Jehovah Raah.

Friday, 10 April 2020

The 'Rona Riot

Living in the depths of a lockdown in Britain caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, I’ve begun to light-heartedly refer to the impact the Coronavirus is having on the Nation as “The ‘Rona Riot.” I happened to mention this one day to a friend during a Zoom meeting in the midst of our isolation time and she immediately laughed and said it sounded like the title of a poem. Later that day I was thinking about my friend’s comment and I soon found myself sitting with my laptop, putting down the first few verses!

My poem is intended to humorously express some of my observations on how the pandemic has changed our every day lives almost overnight. It’s in no way intended to undermine the seriousness of the virus situation or disregard the upset caused by it. I think humour is often a great coping mechanism and can be a wonderful outlet during times of hardship so I hope that these words can offer a bit of light relief in difficult and uncertain times.

My prayer during this particular season is that God would use these challenging events to stir hearts and turn eyes towards Him. I hope my poem “The ‘Rona Riot” reflects this sentiment and brings a little laugh too!

Friday, 3 April 2020

Fear Not!

During the early days of the lockdown in Britain caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, I happened to read a verse in Isaiah which really encouraged me. The Scripture I was led to was Isaiah 41:10 which reads,

“Fear not, for I am with you;
Be not dismayed, for I am Your God.
I will strengthen you,
Yes, I will help you,
I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.”

As I sat meditating on the words in this verse, three things really stood out to me. I noticed that God affirms that He will strengthen me, help me and uphold me. I felt this was such a beautiful trio of promises and soon found myself writing my poem “Fear Not!”

In a world where so many people have to deal with the stresses of life with nothing but their own strength, no outside help from others while upholding everyone else around them, I couldn’t help but feel grateful for God’s promises in this verse.

As a child of God we go though hardships the same as anyone else but I feel it’s such a privilege to have Jesus strengthening, helping and upholding us in the difficult times of life. A provision readily available to all who will put their trust in Him. Truly, we have a wonderful Friend in Jesus!

Easter Is...

I originally wrote this poem way back in 2009 to share with the little ones at my Church when I was serving in children’s ministry. It was coming up to Easter and I wanted to write a poem I could use that would emphasise the true meaning of Easter but in an understandable way for young minds.

I rediscovered the poem at the beginning of 2020 and so felt that I wanted to make it available in the hope that others may use it to bring Jesus into Easter time for their little ones too! I pray this cheery little poem can be a useful tool and shared many times over!

Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Be Anxious For Nothing

It’ll come as no surprise that this poem was mainly inspired by Philippians 4:6-7 which reads,

“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.”

This passage has often come to my mind during the Covid-19 pandemic as I’ve been praying for the different needs and challenges faced either by myself or by friends and family. It seems that when the Apostle Paul wrote the words in Philippians 4, he gave us a wonderful format to follow as the antidote for worry and so I felt inspired to write a poem that reflected this process.

Poetry Prayer For April

The lighter evenings and sunnier days of April certainly bring encouragement to my heart. I pray we can be uplifted at the wonders of God's creation over the next month.