Friday, 26 July 2019

Look Up!

My poem “Look Up!” had been forming in my heart and mind for several months before I finally found the angle I wanted to write it from. I had the desire to create a poem that would be appropriate for Good Friday as every year in the lead up to Easter I hear people questioning the significance of this special day and what it is Christians actually commemorate.

Having already written one poem called “The Meaning Of Easter” and another called “Resurrection Day,” I felt I wanted to have a poem that focused entirely on Good Friday itself and the depth of what Jesus really achieved for us that day.

It seems to me that the true meaning of Easter has sadly been lost somewhat over the years. For many it’s become nothing more than a two week holiday where we’re inundated with chocolate eggs, easter chicks and fluffy bunnies! Easter is of course one of the most important dates on the Christian calendar however so this inspired a scene in my mind’s eye to take place as I pictured someone coming to me and asking,
“What’s Good Friday all about?” In response my reply would be,
“Come with me, I’ll show you.”

Saturday, 13 July 2019

Just Be Mine

In July 2019 I was attending a ladies’ day retreat in Oxford where Carol Wild and Sandy Macintosh were speaking. During one of Sandy’s talks she mentioned that on the previous night she had started to doubt the quality and content of what she had prepared to share with us the next day. I certainly could relate to the feeling as this is what I often feel before sharing a poem somewhere! It’s what I like to call “The night before freak-out!”

I imagine many people have experienced this in some capacity or other but of course it’s just the enemy trying to distract us and fill us with fear before we step out in faith to glorify God’s name. The devil hates it when people seek to honour God so it’s not a surprise when he attacks those who are seeking to do just that. Thank goodness Jesus is more powerful than the enemy and always bolsters us and gives us the strength we need. The victory will always be His!

Sandy went on to share with us however that during this lapse of confidence she cried out to God and literally said to Him,

“Lord! What am I going to do?”

Straight away she felt the Holy Spirit minister to her heart and felt Him respond with three gentle words. The Lord softly said to her soul,

“Just be Mine.”