Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Get Well Soon

I wrote this poem especially for a dear friend of mine called Wendy when she suffered from a rather serious bout of ill health and was taken into hospital as a result. Although we don’t live close to one another, we do email on a weekly basis.

When Wendy was taken into hospital she was concerned about not being able to reply to me that week and so had her daughter-in-law text me to let me know why she wouldn’t be able to respond for a while. I couldn’t believe that in the middle of such awful physical trials, dearest Wendy was still more concerned with taking care of others! It’s for this reason that the original version of this poem was called “Dearest Wendy.” I sent it along to Wendy in the hope of bringing a little cheer to her day and to encourage my dear sister who has brought me so much encouragement over the years.

I felt I wanted the poem to be able to be used by others as well however to encourage any member of the Body of Christ who is perhaps going through a tough time physically. I’ve adapted the poem into two versions for male and female use and I pray it can be used to wish many people a heartfelt “Get Well Soon!”