Monday, 8 May 2017

The Burden Of Waiting

I've been learning over the last few years that some trials are like the seasons we have with the weather and last for a relatively short time. There are other trials however that don't seem to come to a close after what we would class as a "season" and continue to rumble on and on.

When weeks turn into months and months turn into years it can be such a challenge not to become completely disheartened. When family and friends are longing to hear of an improvement in your situation and yet all you have to tell them is that nothing has changed and you’re still just “waiting on the Lord” and trusting in Him, it can be very difficult and frustrating for both sides. For some people years can even turn into decades and they still find themselves praying for their loved one to be saved or for the physical or financial trials to ease.

Of course there are varying kinds of storms that we go through in life and I think it's important to know the difference between a storm of correction and a storm of instruction.