Monday, 25 May 2015

Until We Meet Again

By Lucy Wall

I was attending a family funeral recently and as I sat through the ceremony I was thinking about how sad death is. No matter what the circumstances are at a funeral, no matter how young or old the person may have been, the loss of a loved one is a tragic and difficult event to handle in our lives and process within our hearts.

I began thinking about how the only comfort and hope we have in these situations is the fact that Jesus is risen. If we don't set our focus on this then sorrow and despair can definitely threaten to overwhelm us. The more I felt the pull of sadness on my heart the more I felt it was imperative to counter this inner pain with focusing on the truth of the resurrection. It's here that we have the promise of life after death as well as the promise of being reunited with those who have gone before us in the faith. What a wonderful peace this can bring to a heart that is grieving.