Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Freedom Of Speech

By Lucy Wall

It seems to me that in life everyone is entitled to their opinion. Everyone except the Christian that is. I've experienced persecution personally in my own places of work and also witnessed it in general life and different situations.

The enemy's attack on God's people certainly seems to be building in intensity and it's becoming harder and harder to be a Christian in this world. I know Christians have been persecuted all throughout history and countless people have been martyred for their Christian beliefs. The angle I'm coming from in this poem though is the position of a Christian living in Britain in the current times. Our formerly "Christian Nation" is now becoming so adamant and hateful in it's fight against God and even the belief in His very existence. People are now being mocked, pilloried, humiliated and shamed into silence just for standing on basic Biblical truths and wanting to apply these to their lives.