Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Toothpaste Etiquette

I've heard it said that when a man and a woman get married it can be like two rough stones being brought together and the more time they spend dwelling side by side the smoother they become. Having been married since 2009 which is a relatively short time in the grand scale of marriage, I have to say I can see the truth in this analogy. After all, marriage brings two flawed people together who then have to learn how to dwell peaceably with one another!

Some couples may find this easier than others but it's pretty much a guarantee that a difference in opinion or a conflict in method will arise over something at some point. This brings with it the decision to either continue in conflict or find a compromise. I've found that learning how to adapt seems to be vital for a good marriage and the more both parties are prepared to put the needs of the other first, the smoother things seem to go!