Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Born This Way

By Lucy Wall

Discussing the issue of sin can often be very difficult and uncomfortable. It’s part of our nature to want to defend ourselves so being able to recognise and admit to our faults and flaws challenges us to the very core. It is however an essential part to receiving God ’s forgiveness and everlasting life because without acknowledging our sin and repenting of it, we can never be accepted into His presence.

In society these days there seems to be a common opinion that “right and wrong” are subjective and there are no moral absolutes.   Many times I’ve heard people trying to defend or excuse their sin by using the statement, "I was born this way" or words to that effect. I’ve heard it said, “If there is a God then He made me this way ” or “It ’s not my fault I have a fiery temper, I was born this way! ”