Friday, 4 February 2011

The Enemy

By Lucy Wall

I wrote ”The Enemy ” because there seems to be quite a common opinion these days that God is the enemy of mankind and of Planet Earth. I often hear news reporters describing hurricanes and natural disasters as ”Acts of God. ” I find myself wondering why it’s considered an act of God. I don ’t hear reports thanking Him for the many sunny days we get throughout the year so why is it only the bad weather that God gets the credit for?

In this world where society denies the existence of God so often, it ’s suddenly acceptable for God to exist but only for the sole purpose that we can blame Him for something! This never sits very well with me and I find myself wanting to ask the question, “ Why do you think God would want to bring such destruction and suffering on the very world that He created? ”

To believe that God is ”the enemy ” is to believe in a lie from the devil. I think that Satan wants us to think that God is our enemy to keep us from discovering our loving, forgiving Saviour and to prevent us from receiving our salvation.