Sunday, 25 March 2007

Still In Moulding

By Lucy Wall

“Still In Moulding” is the third poem I wrote after giving my life to Jesus. Unlike my first two poems I didn’t receive my inspiration from any particular verse in the Bible but rather it came from what I felt the Lord was bringing out of my heart at the time.

It became apparent to me that at this point in my life I often found myself thinking about the fact that I was single. As I thought more deeply about this I began to consider what qualities I might now desire in a man and what kind of person I would consider could potentially be my husband.

As I began to write this poem it was really interesting for me to discover what I was now looking for in a spouse and there were certainly a few surprises there! The poem starts off with a very light-hearted, jovial tone and I had a lot of fun discovering what boxes  my ”Mr Right ” would have to tick!
As I sat reading through my words and ideas for my unknown, mysterious “Mr Right”  I started to think, “Hey this guy sounds great! I wish he was here now! Actually, why isn ’t he here now? Why am I single? ”

This thought then lead me to dwell on the love of my Saviour and His sovereignty in my life. I began to meditate on His good and perfect judgements and how He knows what ’s best for me. The more I considered His flawless ways the more I realised that Jesus is in absolute control. I then rested in the knowledge that for as long as I was single, that was as long as I was meant to be single for! I knew that if it were better for me to be with someone then I would be! I had the desire in my heart to meet the right person but for some reason unknown to myself, God saw it better for me to be single at that time.